Platinum Mortgage Securities is a specialist in short term, property secured commercial lending. At Platinum Mortgage Securities, we match wholesale Investors with commercial Borrowers. Investor funds are used to finance property secured loans for business or investment purposes, and are secured by a registered mortgage over real property at conservative loan to value ratios. Investors earn an attractive fixed interest income from the fixed interest paid by the Borrower of a loan. Funds are repaid to Investors once the loan is repaid. 


Investors and Wealth Planners

Mortgage Investments

  • Preserve capital
  • Secured by property mortgage 
  • Attractive fixed interest returns
  • Monthly interest payments
  • Excellent risk/return profile
  • No entry or exit fees
  • Uncorrelated to other asset classes
  • Select your own portfolio
  • Wholesale investors only
  • Minimum investment $25,000

Borrowers and Brokers

Commercial Finance

  • Short term 
  • Property secured
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Competitive rates
  • Simple application process
  • Multiple loan purposes
  • LVRs up to 75%
  • Terms from 3 - 24 months
  • Loan amounts from $500k - $10m
  • Capital cities

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