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Case Studies

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Investor Case Studies

Described below are just a few real-life examples of situations where investors decided to invest short term in
mortgage secured loans arranged by Platinum Mortgage Securities

Portfolio Diversification

A wholesale investor found that his share portfolio performed very poorly during the GFC and he decided to manage the volatility of his returns by diversifying into other investment classes including managed funds. He then discovered private mortgages as an asset class were very attractive as they paid good returns, were under two years in duration and were well secured by registered mortgages over real property. In consultation with his adviser, he has assigned a portion of the total funds in his investment portfolio to Platinum.

Plan for Retirement

A wholesale investor had planned to invest his savings for retirement in conservative cash deposits yielding very low returns. He discovered that investing in short term first mortgage secured loans at risk levels that he was comfortable with brought his retirement age several years closer.

Self Managed Super Fund

Our wholesale client turned 60 and put his self-managed super fund into pension mode. As all income in the super fund then became tax free and pension drawn was tax free, it made sense for him to switch out of a lumpy property investment and a volatile share portfolio into a range of short term first mortgage secured loans that were high yielding and cash generating.

Sale of a House

Our wholesale client sold her house and was not going to reinvest the settlement proceeds in another house until six months after settlement. She invested with Platinum Mortgage Securities on a six month loan which matured at the same time as the offer on her new house was accepted.